Hello everybody, I am back! I find it hard to find time to write these days!

Today I am writing about my life at my new job at Krohnark.

Krohn Interiørarkitekter is an Interior Architecture and Design studio with offices in Oslo and Sandefjord. They set up the company 8 years ago and is becoming one of the biggest in Oslo. They design interiors that “enrich, strengthen identity / brand and create value”.

I would like to start from the beginning, as many designers may be interested in how I found this job.

Where it all started.

Long before coming to Oslo I was looking for Interior Design studios where I could see myself working at, and I found Krohnark’s website. My first reaction was: haha, I love it! And that was because the first thing you find when clicking on the website is a button where you can read: “take me down the rabbithole”. I mean, that is exactly how they are: fun!




I read through the whole website (translating every single page) and decided that it was a place I would definitely love to work at. Therefore, I sent an email with my cv and a cover letter on April and, to my surprise, they said they were looking for an intern starting 1st of September.

I was so excited about that answer! So, the first thing I did when I moved to Oslo in July was to let them know that I was here, that I finished my degree and that I was ready for an interview.

Now you must be wondering about the language. Yes, it was something I was worried about, but they are a very international office and do not think knowing Norwegian is a must to work with them. However, I am learning because it’s very important to keep the job and work with clients and suppliers (most of them prefer to speak Norwegian).

Back at the interview, it was more like a very nice talk to get to know them, their work and both our interests. They offered me the vacancy and I accepted right away!


My First Month.

I remember my first week as a very exciting week. I learned much more about their work. Although I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, I was happy (and a bit scared). Most of the things that happened at the beginning were very new to me, because they were real. I worked with real materials, went to a real meeting with clients and it took me a few days to understand that I wasn’t dreaming.

The fact is, working at Krohnark is like living in a dream. To be more precise, I get to do something different every day, creative thinking is in mostly everything we do, we attend social meetings and parties, and the office is just a walking distance from my apartment.




Moreover, I can listen to music while I work, eat or drink coffee anytime I need it and even take my shoes off! All of this because they believe that a creative mind needs to feel at home, and a happy designer makes good efficient work. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

So now you know why it took me some time to understand what was happening around me. It was never like this while I was studying. We were always taught (indirectly) that a workspace was a place you go to work and not have fun. Well here it’s the complete opposite.

While I was a student, most of my teachers didn’t really show much appreciation for my work and my effort. They never asked me whether I was happy or not. At Krohnark, they care about me, and they appreciate my work, they value my time and they let me know when they like what I do.

Another awesome thing about it is that we do free seating. That means every morning you decide where you want to seat and work that day. We have different workspaces:

There is a quiet room, where you seat when you need focus and silence.


quiet zone


We have an open office, a material room, a private meeting room and a space divided into three areas: a more private workspace with a desk, a small sofa-touchdown and a double bed! Yes, we have a bed. The whole idea came with the New York loft apartment design concept for the office and we can use it whenever we feel like it.




After a couple of months…

I have been working on different projects and doing different tasks, where they and I could see what I am more comfortable working with. Apparently, I do very well at 3D design and I have been doing a lot of it, which is fun and very exciting.




Another thing I love about working at Krohnark is that we get to cook for everybody once a week, so we all gather and enjoy a meal together. During my kitchen week I made some Spanish tapas and everyone was so happy! I could invite my boyfriend to help me cook and he stayed for lunch, which was just great.




After two months working in Norway, I can say that I feel very comfortable working here. I really like my job and the people I share it with. They are becoming a family to me, and I couldn’t be happier.

I really hope I can overcome every challenge and learn as much as possible from every one of my colleagues. I would love to become an important part of this amazing team!


If you would like to know more about our office, visit www.krohnark.no


Have an amazing week!

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