This is the story of how my boyfriend and I finally managed to find our new family member, a golden retriever!

Dream come true

Ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted to have a dog.

Most of my friends had dogs while I was growing up, and there was something about the bond they shared that I could not find in any of my childhood pets (I had two rabbits, two hamsters and various fish lol).

I grew up in an apartment, and my parents would never agree to have a dog in an apartment. I know this is the most common reason why people don’t want to have dogs, but I have a few comments about it:

I understand the point my parents made, and honestly, now that I’m older, I think it was more about the time and responsibility a dog requires and not so much about where the dog would live.

In my opinion, as long as you’re committed to properly exercise your dog, you can definitely have one in an apartment. The dog only needs a specific spot in the house to sleep, and it’s the owners responsibility that the dog grows happy and healthy providing the exercise required to each breed.

Having a dog takes so much time that now I think my parents made a good decision. However, Simen and I are more than ready now!

It’s about time…

So, my boyfriend and I had been talking about getting a dog for like two years. We waited until it was the right time, and, we are pretty sure it couldn’t have happened in a better time!

2020 is the year where we moved in to our own apartment, renovated it and finally settled in Oslo. We had this idea in mind when we bought our apartment, so we made sure the neighbourhood we moved in was super dog friendly.

We live right next to many big parks and the river, so there’s plenty of places to play with our dog!

Harder than expected

Last year, Simen and I decided the perfect breed for us: Golden Retriever.

It was hard to choose because we are different people and had different preferences, but at the end of the day, we both knew this was the perfect breed for us.

We are both new dog owners, and this breed is known to be easy to train. We’re active and love to do outdoor activities, so we couldn’t have a small dog that would not keep up on hiking/camping trips with us. Also, Golden Retrievers are so beautiful, loyal and smart… so we made up our minds!

After deciding on the breed… I looked up every breeder in Norway and sent emails requesting information about puppies. I got almost no answers, and the ones that did answer me were saying that there was a one to two years waiting list!

Having a dog was not going to be as easy as we thought!

I come from a country where you can always find a dog, there’s even places where you can adopt puppies people have thrown on the streets…but in Norway, no one abandons dogs and if someone needs to find a new home for their dog, they will do so through internet in websites like

So our best chance was stalking every breeders’ website for puppy announcements and check every day to see if anyone had a dog for us.

After a year and a half, we had not been contacted by any breeder so I started talking to breeders in Sweden and Spain. I then found one in Spain and it seemed like it was going to happen, but then Covid-19 came to destroy all our plans and took that puppy away from us…

Not only we were hopeless and sad about the virus and 2020 going to s**t, but we were also scammed by a man who claimed to have Golden puppies and we believed him. How can someone go around trying to scam people with puppies? It’s evil!!!

Anyways, when we had no longer any hope of getting a puppy anytime soon, one breeder sent me an email that would change everything!

For real?

One night I got a message asking if we were still looking for a Golden puppy. I answered yes, of course! It was the Kennel Hempth, in Stavanger. I checked their website and everything looked completely real. We could not believe what had just happened, we were going to have our puppy!

So when this breeder contacted us he had just had a litter and the puppies were only two weeks old. We were told if we wanted one, we needed to pay a depositum, and so we did. The countdown started.

Everything after that was excitement, a lot of dog shopping and a lot of watching dog training videos!

Trip to Stavanger

The breeder is in Stavanger, so on the 24th of October, we flew there to finally meet our puppy and bring her home.

When we got there, we had a few hours to spend in the city while the breeder prepared everything, so we went to the city to do some sightseeing.

Stavanger is a really beautiful place. It reminded me a bit of Bergen: the harbour, the old white houses, the lake…

Welcome home Lana

On the way home, Lana behaved perfectly! She travelled in a sherpa soft bag under the seat in front of us, just like hand luggage. She didn’t cry or seemed stressed, although the trip was only 50 minutes.

After the plane, we travelled by train and tram to get home, and she was also really chill…so we were very happy that the trip went so well!

We planned to take some weeks of vacation in the fist month, so that Lana wouldn’t be alone. Also, with the Corona-situation, now I work from home, which makes it way easier to be there for her and train her properly!

She’s already three months old!

Life with Lana at home is so much better. I mean, the first week was exhausting, and we are still waking up in the middle of thee night but….we love her so much!

First week home.

She’s won our hearts with her cuteness and her intelligence.

Our puppy is growing so fast! I cannot believe she’s being with us for a month! Here are some some pictures of Lana at home:

Isn’t she lovely?

If you want to follow Lana’s path into adulthood, you can follow her instagram @lana_norwegiangolden (this is where I add most of the pictures/videos that I take of her)

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