Hello again!

I have not been writing here for such a long time! I actually feel really bad about it. But I have been working and so much has happened! So now I actually have a lot to tell :).

Let’s talk a bit about what I have been up to in last few months.

I am officially a Krohn!

So, the last post was about some of my personal tips about moving to Norway and finding a job as a designer. My latest news about this is, that I signed a full-time contract as an Interior Architect in Krohnark – the firm I have been working at as an intern since September. Yes, they have given me this opportunity of being part of such an amazing team (and family) and I am so happy about it.

I got to know they wanted me to stay right before Christmas, but it wasn’t official until March. I am so excited to keep learning from my colleagues and make such cool projects come to life!

I joined the gym in January – and I still go.

In January I joined a gym called SATS, which is basically the biggest in the Nordic countries. It’s such a great feeling to finally having free time to give myself some care and workout and dance again! After university, I had completely lost shape and the lack of exercise was affecting me not only physically but emotionally as well. I now get to go about 2 to 3 times a week and I do cardio, dancing and body pump. I couldn’t be happier with the classes and the freedom I get from this gym. Their app is great and super user friendly.

NOTE: They had their complete brand identity designed by the superb Bold.

I am surprised by the price of the membership, because when you live in Norway you might think that going to a gym is going to cost you a fortune but in reality, it doesn’t. I am basically paying around 599kr/month (around 60 euros) and I get to go any day and join any class I want. I honestly think you can find that price in Spain as well.


Spring is here – sometimes.

We did have an amazing three weeks in a row sunny and warm days back in April and everyone was saying that this is not normal. But hey, climate is changing everywhere due to global warming (which humans are responsible for, and it’s not fun).

I must say, I am terrified at this whole change of temperatures. It is not natural to get up to 28º in April in Oslo and rainstorms in Murcia, my hometown in southeast of Spain.

The positive part is all of this is, that we really needed some sunlight up here. We needed the warmth, and this led the green come out and the flowers to grow beautiful. The sun is here, the days are longer, and the energy is back in all of us! Everybody is out and everybody is active. I was so shocked at these high temperatures, that for a few weeks, I didn’t even feel like I was in Norway, it felt like I was back in Spain.

I must say though, it is now June and rain is back, or at least it is this week. Hopefully it will go gradually, and we will get nice temperature all the way until September!

We went to Bergen during Easter break.

Simen and me flew together for the first-time during Easter! It was very exciting because we have been flying alone to see each other for years and finally we can start flying together. We went to Bergen to visit his parents and his brother.

The weather was absolutely great. It was super sunny, and the city was beautiful, full of tulips and green grass and trees and birds.

At first, I thought the city was a bit empty, and thought that everyone was probably out of town for the holidays. Until we went for a hike up in Fløyen – one of Bergen’s most famous mountains. Everyone was there! Norwegians do love nature! I have never seen a mountain as crowded as this one was. But of course, with 26º and no clouds, it’s impossible not to think about getting up there and drink a cold beer while having a panoramic view of Bergen.

I realized that travelling to Bergen from Oslo – and vice versa is so easy and fast! We could easily get out of our apartment in Oslo and be in Bergen city in about 2 hours by plane. We are definitely going up there again.

I visited Sognsvann lake.

What best plan for a 1st of May than going to a lake? And one as beautiful as this one!

Sognsvann is a lake in north of Oslo. It is incredibly easy to get there by tram-subway (they call it Trikk here) and it is definitely a place I want to go more often to.

The lake is surrounded by a path where you can normally see joggers, runners, doggers and walkers. What makes it so popular is the fact that it is so accessible to anyone and it has amenities such as smart toilets, kiosks and a lot of big trash bins for cleaning up after any type of grilling and drinking.

Simen and me are already preparing a paella and sangria party there!

Well, that’s all I am going to share with you for now. I will try to find some time to write about interesting things happening around here 🙂

Ha en fin dag!

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