Hello!!! It’s been such a looooong time since I last wrote anything here. And this is obviously because not much had happened in my life in the past few months…until now.

2020 was a bittersweet year for me and my boyfriend. While the whole world was collapsing, Simen and I had just bought our first apartment, renovated it, got a puppy, had a full time job and were really happy. But behind all the good, there’s some anxiety, mood swings and other feelings caused by this coronavirus situation (I talk a little bit about this at the end).

Until now, Simen and I were doing all we could not to get the virus. I’ve been working from home for a year, and he had stopped working because everything was closed. By the end of April this year though, he started working again. Apparently, there was a Corona outbreak and, by the end of the week, he tested positive in Covid-19.

Early hours

Here’s what I noticed: during the week, he was really tired all the time. We thought it was because he was biking a lot again, but now it all makes sense. On Thursday that week, he got tested. On Friday morning, he was still really tired and only wanted to sleep.

We were sitting on the couch having dinner when they called him and told him he had tested positive. The worst had happened. There was no way back. I jumped up and was so shocked I stopped eating fried rice – that I love so much – and I couldn’t finish it cause of the bad news. ugh. Anyways, from that moment I knew I had to start cleaning the apartment asap. We also decided he was gonna stay in the living room, and I would use the rest of the apartment.

I wasn’t sure whether I had it as well or not, so I had to act as if I didn’t.

Simen talked on the phone with a person working for the Covid-19 department in our borough. They keep track of the people who are infected in the area and monitor their symptoms, as well as offer any help they might need.

This is what they told him: They asked him a bunch of questions about where and when he thought he might have gotten it (work), what he did that day, if he went anywhere, if he met anyone, any symptoms he might had, and that he had to keep a quarantine of 10 days. Also, that we must download an app called Dignio, and answer a questionnaire daily before 13pm (log in symptoms).

After that, he would have to fill out a form they sent him, where you answer all those questions and also add a contact person in case they need to contact them.

Of course my biggest concern was Lana, our dog. She had to experience this weird situation where Simen was locked in a room and I’m in another, so she got sick with diarrhea (we think because of stress). So, apart from having to take care of everything in the house (cleaning x1000, cooking, ordering food, etc), I also had to take care of a sick dog on my own (with wet poo every 2 hours). Besides, if I tested positive, we would have to give Lana to someone to take care of her *and her poo* for the rest of the quarantine!

1st of May

I got on my bike and went straight to take a PCR test. It was my first time and was feeling totally fine, had no symptoms whatsoever, so I was feeling pretty “positive” about it.

test queue

When I got home I ordered food from Oda, cleaned and talked to my boyfriend through a door. It all felt pretty dramatic. One doesn’t really miss anything until it’s gone…and I missed him, touching him, hugging him.

Knowing that you just can’t go ahead and hug a person you love, truly sucks!

At some point in the morning, Simen’s sister called me and told me she was on her way to our place to give us a goodie bag. I was so suprised! I went downstairs and I saw her. She had left a lot of bags on the floor for me to take them. This was shocking for me. At that moment I realised, it can happen to anyone at any time, and it sucks!

When I got home and saw all the delicatessen I was like whaaaaat it was so amazing! Simen’s family gift was perfect for the early days of coronavirus, while Simen still could taste!

The result of my test didn’t come until Tuesday, which is unusual, since normally it takes around 24h, but well, it ended up NEGATIVE! WOHOO, I was sooo happy! I was mostly happy because I knew that my coworkers – which I had seen at the office last Thursday – where not infected by me at all! And I could keep Lana! 😀

Stressful week

But of course, this wouldn’t be easy to keep up. Simen was feeling sick and tired, coughing, and couldn’t taste or smell anything…but he didn’t have any fever, which was good! I would prepare food, put it on his plate, put in on a tray, knock the door, move away, he would open, take only the plate, look at me, say thank you, then close the door.

quarantine food

Everything he touched I had to take with one-time gloves, put in the dishwasher, them throw the gloves in the trash. Every time he would use the bathroom, he would have to clean all surfaces after himself. We would always have to have a window open, even in the bathroom. The whole situation was exhausting, really.

On day 3 I had started to feel tired, and again, I thought that it must be because of all the cleaning, the PMS…but then I also had a bit of a headache, so I thought: yeah, I should probably get tested again, just in case…So on the 5th of May I went to take the PCR test again. This time, I had mucus and was already feeling a bit sick…

Quarantine together

On the 6th of May I logged in to Helsenorge.no and checked my result. This time it was POSITIVE… wow.

I told Simen right away and then he walked towards me and hugged me. We could be together again.

quarantine together

But I was sad. I looked at Lana and I thought: fuck, I can’t take her out at all. We called a friend of ours, who lives in the area, and he said he could come pick her up. Then, we cleaned up all her stuff and prepared it all for her to leave. This was the worst.

I have never been apart from her since she came into our lives. So when she left with our friend it just broke my heart. Not having her around is weird, and I don’t like it, but I knew it was the best thing to do for her.

Now the man from the Covid-19 centre called me and told me I had to stay home for the next 10 days, and that on the 13th they would call me, and if I had no symptoms, on the 14th of May I would be free of quarantine (and immune for the next 6 months lol).

And so our quarantine life together began. Simen was already feeling much better, the only symptoms he had were the lack of taste/smell and some coughing. The one that was feeling sick now was me, so it was his turn to cook and clean. Ooooh yeah.

What it was like

To be honest, none of us felt really sick at any time. It was more like having a cold. We had very mild symptoms, no fever and little coughing. I had a lot of mucus and fatigue, but didn’t loose the taste. Simen though, had almost no mucus, some coughing and lost taste and smell.

This is most likely because we are young and our inmune system is fine. But you never know how it’s going to affect you. We were very lucky to have it this mild.

We spent most of our days watching movies, knitting, making food, chatting with our family and friends and missing Lana. I actually experienced some kind of separation anxiety, for real. Our bodies felt lazy, so we didn’t feel like doing anything, really. Also, the weather wasn’t that good (it was raining a lot), so we didn’t feel so bad about not going out.

One of the things that bothered me about this quarantine was that no one tells you what to do with the trash! We accumulated trash, of course, that was contaminated. We cannot go out of the apartment, so what are we supposed to do with it?

Simen’s quarantine ended three days before mine, so he ended up going down with all the trash on his first day free. We then waited a day to get Lana back. Now Simen could take care of her for the rest of my quarantine!

Lana is back!

You are supposed to go back to work on the same day that you are free of quarantine. So Simen went to work and then picked up Lana from our friends’ house. It was so exciting!

Having Lana back at home was all we needed. And I knew she had the best time with our friends. She seemed soo happy! (and the diarrhea was gone). Our friends did an amazing job taking care of her, giving her the diet food, cleaning up the wet poo, and everything else. Thank you guys!

Thoughts about Coronavirus.

As I said before, I think we were very lucky to have gotten Coronavirus with such mild symptoms. My heart goes to every person who has really suffered from it. In the end, what really matters is the health.

Overall, the worst for me during this pandemic has been not to be able to see my family. I haven’t seen my parents since New Year’s 2019. I didn’t travel in summer or Christmas, because I didn’t want to risk infecting them somehow. Now I’m tired. Too much time has passed and, I have tried to be positive for so long. But I miss them so much, I need to see them. I’m sick of video chats, feeling down, hopeless and misunderstood.

It’s easy to fall into sadness when you miss someone this much, and you cannot physically be with them. But it’s important to evaluate what you do have around you, who is next to you, and how lucky you are that they are all healthy. You will reunite. <3

At least, after having Covid-19 I might be able to go to Spain to see them this summer. My parents are vaccinated and I have antibodies against it. Although, restrictions and rules change all the time, so let’s hope we are also lucky with this and can finally visit them!

How about you? Have you had Covid-19? How was your experience with quarantine?

I hope my testimony helped you getting some perspective on how we lived quarantine in Norway.

Also, I hope everyone gets to reunite with their family ASAP!

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