This past month has been very intense. First of all, my parents came the last week of august. It was their first time in Norway, and I was so excited to show them Oslo. I planned the week so that we could visit some of the nicest spots in the city while there was still good weather. I am going to do a very short summary of some of the best things we did together, including visiting some museums.

My parent’s first visit

My parents booked an apartment in Grünnerlokka, very close to ours, which made everything very easy. The apartment was one from Frogner House apartments, a very modern company that has various buildings around town and offers apartments for short time rent. I will write a post about it soon, so you get to know more about what it’s like to stay in one of them.

Frogner House Apartments.

So, during the week we went around the city to check it out, but we also did some touristic stuff. We really wanted to go to the Viking Ship Museum, so one day we decided to get on the ferry to Bygdøy and spend most of the day there.


Bygdøy is a peninsula where a lot of people with money have huge amazing beautiful houses, some of them including a boat and a pier.The coastline is dotted with quiet beaches, and hiking and bike trails cut through the woods. Also, the royals have their summer house there. You can get there by bus, car or by ferry. We took the ferry from Aker Brygge, of course, because the views are amazing, and it was a very nice experience for my parents as well. So in like 5 minutes you are there and right up the street you find the Museum!

View from the Ferry to bygdøy.

NOTE: If you buy the Ruter# tickets to travel around town, notice that the ferry to Bygdøy is not included, therefore you have to buy the ticket on the Pier before jumping on the boat!.

The Viking Ship Museum

The Oseberg Ship.

This museum is very small, but I would say I was pretty impressed. Vikings were geniuses, and their boats were amazing constructions. You find three boats in this museum: The Oseberg, The Gokstad and the Tune Viking Ship. Besides getting to see these ships up close, they also play a visual journey into the Viking Age, which shows the life cycle of a boat from its construction, travelling the seas, looting and wars until the ship is used as a grave for a very important person.

Video about the life cycle of a viking ship.

If you are interested in the Viking Age, you should definitely go check it out. If you want to learn more about these ships and the museum, you can do so here.

viking ship
The Oseberg viking ship detail.

The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

But we didn’t just visit this museum in Bygdøy, because right next to this one there is another one, the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History or Norsk Folkemuseum. This is an Open-Air museum where you get to experience how Norwegians lived through different decades and when I say experience, I mean it, because they have moved and built houses, farms and different types of construction from different parts of Norway, so that you can touch, see and feel what it was like.

Church Museum
Gol Stave Church.

You can find some actors in the constructions, dressed as their time, doing some of the things they used to do so it gets very real. This is a great way to learn and understand another culture. One of the most beautiful buildings in there was the Stave Church from Gol, which is part of The Collections of King Oscar II.

Actress in one of the houses.

You can read more about it here.


Apparently, one of the places my parents liked the most was the river that crosses Oslo, the Akerselva. I am one of those weirdos that go happy and jump of excitement every time I walk along it. I can’t contain myself from taking pictures every time I cross it and I am just so happy.

Akerselva river with cascade.

Some people don’t appreciate it so much but for me it’s just so beautiful. I have never lived so close to this kind of nature. Like I said in my first post, back at my hometown all I could see from the windows was buildings, and the kind of nature I had has always been the beach and the sea, the smell of fish and sun cream. Finding small cascades, beautiful bridges, trees and ducks everywhere is just so magical.

Akerselva cascade.

To anyone reading this, a walking tour around this river is worth it. It would make you instantly happy.

It took so long for me to post this but this last month has been so intense. Good news is, I have so much to write about now!

What’s next

As I said, this last month I have been very busy and that’s because I am working in an Interior Architecture and Design company! I will write about my thoughts about my first month and also about how I got this job in such a short time.

Have a good week!

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