Since I moved to Norway I work at Krohnark – The coolest Interior Architecture office in the world. The company just turned 10 years on the 10.10.2020, and we have been celebrating since October started.


If you know Krohnark you probably also know that we are super into Alice in Wonderland. We have a very playful whimsical attitude, and often use “Wonderland” as a word to describe the company.

Krohnark is the place “where the magic happens”, because we twist rules and challenge convention.

krohnark wonderland

We always want to be one step ahead, offering that “little extra”. We give everything in every one of our projects for our passion and for the company.


10 is a big number and our boss, Heidi Krohn, decided to surprise the team with a few presents.

I had no clue we were going to have presents, since all we were talking about was the big party we will celebrate. Due to this year’s horrible circumstances with Covid-19, the party could not happen (just yet), so instead, she treated us with a gift every day until the 10th!

A gift a day

We all woke up on the 1st of October with an unexpected sms from MorgenLevering saying we had a breakfast on our doorstep from the partners at Krohnark. My package had an orange juice, some croissants and delicious bread. I was so surprised!

On the 2nd day we came into the office and were handed some small packages. I asked why? – It’s the second day. I was like… no way! Are we getting a present every day? This was just so incredible.

The little package contained a handmade leather heart-shaped keyring from Not Another Bill with Krohnark’s logo. So beautiful!!

The weekend went by and the next Monday morning on the 5th we were surprised with a cute package with a golden bow. Inside, a customised deck of cards with Krohnark’s logo and Alice in Wonderland illustrations! How cool is that?

On the 6th, it was very obvious we were getting another surprise, and we did. Two huge bowls full of candy and chocolates were placed on the kitchen counter for us to get a sugar overdose. MUCH NEEDED! I can’t believe they put together all these amazing ideas for the whole team.

Next day it was a Wednesday. One by one we were given a bag from Røros Tweed. I couldn’t believe it when I saw what was inside: a super cozy wool blanket with a design by Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard. HOW. COOL? AHH. It’s perfect!

But if you thought that was it, wait to know what came on the 8th…

Packages with our names on them where placed on the kitchen island. We all opened them at the same time. It’s a custom made winter jacket from Holzweiler! But it’s not only one, but TWO! You can attach both bomber and coat or wear only one of them. They’re so warm and Krohnark’s logo is on both jackets, it’s so unique! We can’t thank enough for such gifts…

And finally, the last gift.

It’s an anniversary, a celebration. So of course, the final gift was a bottle of champagne!!

I love my team

Krohnark is special because of the people in it.

I’m so grateful to be one of the lucky ones. I’m lucky enough to go to work every day with a smile on my face. I am never doing the same thing and always learning something new.

Every person in Krohnark is unique and talented, and I get so inspired by them. We treat each other like friends or even brothers/sisters – I always say it’s like a big sisterhood. We are always there for each other.

When I moved to Norway I only knew my boyfriend and his family. They’re my Norwegian family. When I started working at at this company they became a new family to me. I am so happy they believed in me and gave me the chance to be part of this amazing team.

Krohnark is My Wonderland.

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