Most of us couldn’t travel this summer and had to find ways to feel “on vacation” without jumping on a plane to a beautiful beach in the south of Spain. This year I couldn’t do that so, instead, I explored more of the city where I live in Norway, Oslo.

Nature close to the city

Oslo has surprised me for its closeness to nature. I always thought of Oslo as this very cold, modern and industrial city full of buildings and shops. Instead, I am astonished by how nature and modern city development mix with a perfect amount of everything.

Not only it’s full of parks, green areas and built perfectly around the Akerselva river, but also offers so much in the surrounding areas.

I love that I can go on day trips to beautiful places that are one bus ride away. This allows for the brain to disconnect completely from the everyday routine, and is so satisfying you feel like you’ve been on a trip for days when you come back home.

This place is surrounded by astonishing forests, lakes and hiking paths in just a 30 minute journey from the city centre. To me, this is such an amazing advantage, because you get the best of both worlds!

Lake Øyungen

Lake Øyungen is located in the north side of Maridalen, a valley where you can also find the lake known as Maridalsvannet. This lake serves as the primary source of drinking water for 90% of Oslo’s population.

My friends and I decided to go on a day trip to explore this area and bathe in this beautiful lake (which water is drinkable btw).

We took the bus nr. 54 (Kjelsås) to Godals vei and then took the nr. 51 (Maridalen) to Skar. In total, I think it took us around 45 minutes. It’s important to know that the nr. 51 bus only rides once every hour, so it’s good to plan a bit ahead!

You can also bike there and I think it would take around 1 hour, but it’s so worth it! If you drive, there is a parking space right by the bus stop where we dropped off.

Once we got there, we hiked uphill towards the lake, and in the way we stopped to get some blueberries from the bushes and found some pretty amazing views of the river Skarselva.

Once we found the lake we noticed it was popular since there was a few groups of people with tents, enjoying the sunny day by the water.

So we continued walking until we found a good spot for us to grill and jump in the water. It was cold, but sooo nice under the sun!

There was many ducks who would join us every now and then and they were so cute!

duck in the lake
me in the lake
me in the lake

A place worth visiting

Before leaving, we hiked up to a higher area to see this amazing view of the lake and the beautiful nature around it.

Isn’t it incredible that this is only a bus ride away from the city of Oslo?

I am definitely coming back up here to explore more, and next time I will camp to stay the whole weekend. (We actually went camping to another lake and you can read about it here: Camping trip to vestmarka).

view of lake oyungen
view of lake oyungen
Lake oyungen

I can’t wait to continue exploring this amazing country. I am so happy I can enjoy these places anytime I want… at least until the winter season arrives!

This post is dedicated to Veronica and Theo, who now live together in London. We miss you guys!

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